Why exams?

Anyone who wants to buy a puppy from me will be asked two questions right at the beginning - "Do you have a hunting license?" and "Are you prepared to take your dog to JGHV/DK tests?" - The one or other conversation can then end relatively quickly - because I expect my puppy buyers not only to run their dogs in a hunting manner, but also, if at all possible and with my support at any time, to present them at least at the tests such as Derby/VJP and Solms/HZP.
You often hear "that's not important to me - I want a hunting dog - not a test dog" - so I would like to briefly explain here why the tests are important to me:

Of course, the most important thing is that the dog performs well in hunting and is also a pleasant companion and family dog at home - but for me as a breeder in particular, the tests are the basis for my further breeding planning. After all, a dog that not only performs well when hunting, but can also perform when called under a certain amount of stress on the day of the test, shows me that it has really mastered its tasks, provides a certain degree of comparability and therefore allows me to draw conclusions about its breeding abilities. This also makes the performance of a breeding line more comparable for outsiders - puppy buyers, breeders, etc. - and is not just based on "hearsay".

But there are also advantages for the dog owners themselves: they have a clear goal when practicing and can also provide written proof of their dog's fitness for use, which is required in most federal states. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all previous puppy buyers who have kept their promises, put in a lot of effort and presented their dogs at tests!

Waidmannsheil and short hair ahead!

(I have copied this text with permission from Antje Engelbart).