German Kurzhaar

Ava von der Erlenwiese

Ava von der Erlenwiese is out of the mating Sina KS Waidmann & Held KS vom Alberthain.

Zb-No. 0232/20 Brown. Winn. on 29.01.2020 LN Si, D1, D1*, BP Hessen, S1, Btr, HN, SW3/1, VGP3 (324P./ ÜF and Bringselweiser) best water work, VGP1 (324P./TF search winner 4H in nose use), long drag 800m and 1200m - very good, St. Hubertus in Hungary 4th place, HD A2 -OCD and ED free on both sides, height 64cm, conformation: sg(j), Sg3 (AK)

Ava pedigree for download

Ava is a beautifully pigmented brown, elegant bitch with a lot of nobility and a beautiful bitch's head, very good lateral lines and faultless movement. From a very early age Ava showed a self-confident, calm and balanced nature, which makes her a very pleasant companion in all hunting and other situations. In hunting she proved her sharpness on raccoons and works on wild boar with understanding, perseverance and the necessary toughness.

On small game hunts in the field, she shows a willingness to find and perseverance; with her fine nose, she finds game quickly and knows how to hold it with fine manners. She can be sent over long distances and is just as easy to keep under the shotgun. She shows the same qualities in the water, rummaging in the reeds is characterized by toughness and independence, whereby she works systematically and thoroughly with great passion for the water.

Ava follows without a leash in the hunting ground and respects jumping game.
In October 2024 she will be presented at the Dr. Kleemann Breeding Selection Test.