German Kurzhaar

Sina KS Waidmanns

General information

ZB-No. 0819/15, brown gew. 22.05.2015

Derby 1., Solms 1., HN, VGP/ÜF 4h, 1. /324P. DGStB 70634/1 BTR, SJ, VBR, Sw III, Dr.Kleemann

HD-B2 , Fw.: Excellent

  • Father: Socrates von der stolzen Au
  • Mother: Penny Waidmanns

Pedigree for download

"Sina" is a bitch of the medium breed who loves to work. She has a beautiful bitch head with medium to dark eye. Her movement is elegant and correct in all gaits.

The bitch is in constant hunting use, captivates by her calm nature and her hunting mind.

Especially the handling is to be emphasized, which makes it an ideal hunting companion. Nevertheless, it proves uncompromising hardness and sharpness at sows as well as robber game.

In her search, she shows a willingness to find and perseverance, with her fine nose she quickly finds game and knows how to make this firm with fine manners. It can be sent over long distances and held under the shotgun just as easily.

She shows the same characteristics in the water, the rummaging in the reed is characterized by hardness and independence, whereby she works according to plan and thoroughly with high water passion.

Sina follows in the precinct without leash and respects jumping off wildlife.


After long research, many visits to breeding shows and stud dog owners the choice was made. Held KS vom Alberthain has mated Sina KS Waidmanns in and is father of our A-litter

Held KS from the Alberthain

ZB-No. 0786/15, gew. 06.06.2015, D1, S2, AZP1, BP, VGP1, VwsP1, HN, KS, HD-A2
Form value: V1

Held is a substantial, strong male with a very beautiful male head.
The male dog impresses with his first-class field manners when searching and when pointing.
Held is a strong nerves, very balanced male with a friendly nature.
He shows uncompromising toughness with predators. He is absolutely obedient and proves to be a completely stress-free family member every day.