Litter announcement B-litter

Litter announcement B-litter

We have received the certainty. The DK kennel von der Erlenwiese is expecting its B litter from Ava von der Erlenwiese to Vico KS vom Kronsberg at the end of February. Both parents have not only been successfully presented at tests, but also excel in hunting practice and are always welcome guests on driven hunts and waterfowl hunts.

Ava comes from the mating Sina KS Waidmann & Held KS vom Alberthain.
Born on 29.01.2020, Ava is a brown, elegant bitch with beautiful pigmentation, a lot of nobility and a beautiful bitch's head. Her medal buckle is remarkable and reflects her high willingness to work.

Derby1, Derby1 * [ Andreasstern], LN Si, BP Hessen, Solms1, Btr, HN, VSwP 3/, VGP in 3rd prize with 324 P. ÜF/ Bringselverweiser and best water work. Ava passed the 800m long towing test and the 4th place at the St. Hubertus in Hungary up to the 2nd field.
HD. A2 -OCD and ED free on both sides | Form value in the age class Sg.

In 2023 Ava was successfully led to the long drag test 1200m, VSwP 40h in 1st prize and once again VGP which she also passed in 1st prize with 324P./TF as search winner with a 4h in nose use. In October 2024 Ava will be presented at the Dr. Kleemann Zuchtausleseprüfung.

Ava and her mother Sina KS Waidmanns are firmly integrated into the family circle, prove to be calm, temperamentally stable bitches in everyday life and are reliable partners on the hunt.

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Vico KS from Kronsberg

Zb-No. 0167/17 Hbrschl. with Pln. Gew. on 12.11.2016 HN, D1, HZP 184P., S1, VGP1 (330P./ ÜF), IKP1 (136P.), Btr, Vbr, LN, SJ, Langschleppe 800m, 1200m and 1500m - very good. HD A2 - free, height 64/65 cm, conformation: sg(j), V1.

Vico is a harmonious, compact male of the medium breed with the best pigment, suitable, typey head, excellent uprightness, very good lateral lines and faultless movement.

From a very early age he showed his self-confident, particularly calm and balanced nature, which makes him a very pleasant companion in all hunting and other situations. Since he was 6 months old, he has frequently proven his sharpness on raccoons in the hunting field, and he works on wild boar on many driven hunts every year with understanding and good toughness, convincingly proving himself to be a "sow hunter" at the first attempt. However, he is also a very good and leading hunting helper on small game hunts in the field and water, which he was also able to demonstrate in the tests up to the IKP. In 2022, Vico topped it all off by passing the Verband Schweiß test and Kleemann test.

Vico comes from the mating of our very precocious, black Ora KS vom Kronsberg with the strong bay male Arrko vom Waldecker Land, who, like Ora, was selected due to the very good sibling performance of the entire litter. The very good performance and conformation results of many dogs of the V-litter vom Kronsberg up to IKP and Kleemann approval confirm this mating.

Vico is absolutely pleasant in daily contact in the house and on the territory, also compatible with adult males of all sizes.

Pedigree Vico KS vom Kronsberg

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Text Vico: Antje Engelbart-Schmidt